Temmie Ovwasais currently under-fire on Twitter after making an absolutely controversial statement over a very delicate societal topic.

The super-talented songstress early this morning took to her Twitter page to give her thoughts on rape allegations and other things that centre around it. She revealed if there was anybody who says she was raped and the case being investigated then it’s a waste of time because she was actually raped. She opines that even if the alleged perpetrator of the act brings forward an evidence that he is innocent, she still wouldn’t still agree he is innocent because every alleged rapist would want to come up with an evidence to prove innocence.

She pressed further writing that even after the whole investigation and the victim of the rape is made to retract her statement, she wouldn’t still change her stance as she would maintain the alleged victim was raped.

She wrote on her Twitter;“If she says she was raped,then she was raped. Idgaf about any “evidence “ from a man,it’s not the first time a rapist will try to prove his “innocence”. If she comes out to “retract” her statement,I still believe that she was raped. Period.”

This statement of hers has thrown her in hot water as lots of Twitter users have started to blast her for such insensible tweet. Some have even said she could have come up with that so she could trend and use that opportunity to drop a new song after being missing for a long time. While others feel she could once have been in such situation before and be suffering from post-traumatic disorder.

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