An Eye Opener To All 100 Level Students

An Eye Opener To All 100 Level Students

It is so sardonic that this issue that is about to be discussed was addressed at a late period like this. As at last semester a particular information went viral which stated that — all students are to pay a sum of #200 for the stamping of our physics practical manuals some of us refused to pay the money.

Understanding the fact that the money is not being collected by the school management or any official stand as the case may be.

Coming this semester the information resurfaced unexpectedly… the same thing came up at the practical lab but this time around we are to pay the sum of #100. The last time I checked it has been officially declared that all Exco’s at the LSUG (lautech student union) level and all departmental Exco’s across all the six faculties in lautech are no longer in office, the tenure for all regime has elapsed, so then tell me where the money we are to pay is being registered to, or the office the money is being remitted to, the funny part of this scenario is that our various lab instructions are not even the ones telling us to pay this money, they don’t seem to have a business with the so called lab fee that we were told to pay so why on earth is this money being collected, where then is the money.

Hypothetically it would be pleasant to the hear, if we were told to pay this money when their is an active government at the LSUG level, infact it would have be an indispensable fact if all this fee are being collected by an active governance but sorry is the case.

It was recently heared of recent that this collection of money was made mandatary in some department and without you paying that fee, the departmental Rep will not collect the manuals from such person, having heard this, I was shocked to an extent and couldn’t believe it. imagine the number of people that will not have submitted their manual with the mandated principles coming from an unrecognized source.

In conclusion, why should we all fold our hands and watch this kind of act, If we don’t stop that now, it will become a general habit.

Remember, the fact that we are fresh students or fresher’s shouldn’t call for us not to stand for our right, we can fight this together. It was clearly stated in our anthem that intimidation we condole not, and that I stand by.

Jung Woo

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