Give What It Takes, Not What They Want – King Kyle


The First category certificate has simply opened the massive door for you.

Apparently, the paper writing already told about you, this is work here, let’s now see if you have a first class knowledge! Something expected of a first class brain.

Let’s see, this time, if you can make theory testify to practical! Here your dexterity is fielded on the tools and not just pen and keyboard. Let’s see if you’re not there a dog barking in the book!

You see, friends, I’ve just known much better, schooling is but an experiment of experience.

Today, i’m charging you, ne’er cry over a mark. Don’t let the numbers kill your energy. It’s not the true measure for your ability. I swear, you are greater than what’s in the paper.

In fact, the Nigerian educational manner sees wrong. Don’t they really pay more attention to the white curriculum than the creativity of a black mind, and our natural configuration of application?

Education isn’t run the way it’s supposed to be impacting, as students we feel it’s a race. It shouldn’t be, it should be a way of discovery, it should be a factory for our ability. It’s not an industry, this is why skills are in debt, and why more talents are dead!

And do you know? it’s a mad assignment to be submitted to our freedom. This is now slavery returns.

I know my words caterwaul, not straight for the ordinary readers, it’s exactly how rough I want them to look now, but just decipher that no matter what, no matter what result you got, it doesn’t matter. Never let it break you down. It’s a lie. Its them and the poor educational pattern that do not find what they want in you, but you must know that you definitely have what you need in you. So, focus more on self-development, use your own method of doing things. You will surely find it up, and you’re gonna change this world and self-employed.

However, let’s go study, buddy.

Jung Woo

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