How to Spot a worldwide chance Scam and three Steps to Take

My friend Angela (not real name) reached out to me recently to help her confirm the authenticity of a conference invitation she received, only that it was already too late, she had been scammed!

She received an email inviting her to attend a conference in the United States of America. The conference was to be command in one amongst America’s fashionable cities and therefore the theme was specifically in her space of labor and interest. Excitedly, she sent a reply thanking them and accepting the offer.

It looked so real, so why not? Well, the series of emails that followed had my friend gulled into sharing her personal details, passport data page and paying a huge deposit for hotel reservation, all in a bid to facilitate her visa application and conference arrangement. Sadly, she found out too late that she’d been scammed!

Like Angela, everyone wants an opportunity to travel/study abroad! This may sound cliche but its the plain truth! Many people ar in constant explore for opportunities to review abroad, visit a new country, attend a conference, or win a fellowship. You’ve in all probability received a spam email at some purpose, and often it’s easy to tell what’s the real deal and what’s not. But in recent times, fraudsters have started sending invitations to fake conferences and programs. They make you send in your personal details, and even make payments in advance. Sometimes, they craftily design it in such a way that makes it difficult to know whether it’s genuine or not.

These scammers are aware how hard it can be to get selected for a global opportunity and so they prey on this weakness by deceiving people with enticing invitations to conferences and programs that do not exist. With upsurge within the range of platforms sharing data concerning opportunities, it’s straightforward for scammers to additionally advertise.

So, if you are wondering how you can determine if a global opportunity is actually a scam, here are six signs to watch out for and 3 steps to take. I pieced this article together for you. Thanks to my friend, Confidence Staveley for her contribution.

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