Open Letter To All Post UTME/Screening Aspirants

Dear aspirants,

i appreciate God on your behalf for the just released points, and i hope each and everyone gets admission into their choice of study.

I noticed that some aspirants have been asking useful but needless questions as a outcome of the released points.

Questions like:

‘is 53.0 good for sociology’ or ‘70.3 good for accounting’?? It is very good to ask questions, but do not give yourselves unneccesary headaches.

According to my research so far in schools, i discovered that the admission of aspirants into a particular department is determined by the number of those who register for the course. For instance, the reason why Medicine has the highest cut off mark is as a result of the high number of aspirants. Every year, in schools offering medicine, we have over 5000 aspirants, and guess what? ‘they are just gonna pick 100 out of 5000.That is why the cut off is always high to pick from the top, the best of the best. This is also applicable to other departments and faculties.

That is why your high score might not determine your admission into any department. if your have high mark and the number admitted annually has been attained, ‘otan niyen o’ or they would just throw you to other departments to complete them.

Note; Those that applied for less competitive courses have upper hand in getting admission. Even if you have 50.0.
Have you ever wondered why someone that has 50.0 was admitted and the one who has 63.0 is still at home??

That is the logic.
It is not ‘Ise Aye’

Why not find out the number of those that applied for your aspiring course and go lock yourself up in prayer.
I pray Favour will Locate you.

Jung Woo

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