Outcome Of The Meeting Between Olalekan Samuel and Dr Chales Awuzie In Sandton

Myself and Dr Charles Awuzie met today and had a good two hours meeting in Sandton. We discussed lot of topic on how to move Nigeria forward.

In the end, we both founded an organization. The name of the organization is NIGERIA PROFESSIONALS IN SOUTH AFRICA (NIPSA). The objective of the organization is simple. To project and showcase the good image of Nigeria.

To cater for Nigerians who are staying legitimately in South Africa and protect their interest.
To Support Nigeria’s students both home and abroad through financial assistance, emotional assistance and other assistance as may be deemed fit.

The organization is opened to all Nigerians who resides in South Africa legitimately and who are making a decent living through their work. Members would be from the Cooperate sector, Academic Sectors and Artisans. We will also have Students wing of the organizations. All Undergraduate and Postgraduate students from Nigeria will be eligible to join the student wing of the organization. Members database will be kept holistically and their welfare will be made priority to the organization. The organization will not be affiliated to any political party but we will welcome support from anyone with no strings attached.

We have started working on how to formally register the organization. We will update you as time goes by.

If you are interested and you are in South Africa, please join us and let’s Make Nigeria Great Again.

Jung Woo

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