Facts About Life – Things You Need To Know

I’ve seen poor people laughing genuinely, I’ve seen rich men crying truly. I’ve seen the barren ones rejoicing, whereas the fruitful ones are dying from the shame brought upon them by their fruits….

I’ve seen a man who was President thrice for 11yrs not fulfilled, whereas Awolowo lived a fulfilled life and his name is an asset to any politician. I’ve seen a poor professor and and a rich illetrate. I’ve seen a happy unmarried single and a sorrowful married couple…..

What have we not seen? We have seen chain smokers and drunkard celebrating 90 years on earth, whereas we see young lads who eschew alcohol and cigarettes dying of chronic diseases…..

What then is the essence of life?

Life is about doing good. You can’t be sad doing good. Those who appreciate your deeds are your riches. Living is about appreciating the present…. Another name for Present is GIFT. It is only guaranteed daily!!!!

Jung Woo

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